Make applications (Eclipse) use x11 backend on Wayland (Fedora 25)


I upgraded to Fedora 25 (beta), which by default uses the new Wayland display server, (which is a replacement for x11).

Most applications work OK. Even copy and paste now works.However some applications have trouble.

Eclipse has some troubles. My observations:

  • Menu bar disappears when you drag the window around.
  • Dialogues have a few button cut off, (apply, ok, cancle).
  • There is a delay of a bout ~1 second when you click on something.
  • Tabs get messed up if you click on one. (e.g they are split into left/right), it seems Dragging of parts is undesirably activated.

Overall, Eclipse isn’t quite usable on Wayland yet. However, efforts to improve Eclipse behavior on Wayland is under way:

Bug 496923 – [Wayland] Improve support for Wayland in 4.7

In the mean time, while in Wayland, you can force Eclipse to use the x11 backend:

export GDK_BACKEND=x11

This can be used for other applications also. For example Autokey is buggy on wayland, I used that for that app as well.

Hang on tight and follow the bug above for updates.

2 thoughts on “Make applications (Eclipse) use x11 backend on Wayland (Fedora 25)

    • Hello,
      This is generally put into the terminal.
      Open applications -> Terminal
      export GDB_BACKEND=11

      if you downloaded eclipse. Open terminal, navigate to where you downloaded eclipse and run the above except:

      In terminal, to navigate to a diretory, you type “cd”. “ls” is used to list directories.
      I.e, open terminal, type “ls” to see where you are. Then type:
      “cd directory” to navigate to that directory.

      Let me know if that makes sense. If it doesn’t, can you please let me know if you downloaded eclipse or installed it from dnf, and I’ll type up more detailed instructions.


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